PRSA Jobcenter

Professional Connections

Expand your job search and target your results by searching the PRSA Jobcenter. The PRSA Jobcenter gives you access to more than 1,000 communications and public relations job openings.

Job and Résumé Postings

On the PRSA Jobcenter, you can search jobs by location, experience required and many other criteria. Set up personalized job alerts that will notify you of jobs that meet your interests.

Be proactive by posting your résumé for free for potential employers and internship providers to view. Return to update it regularly.

Career Preparation Tools

The PRSA Jobcenter also offers you information about the profession and tools to help you enhance your interviewing and networking skills.

Access the PRSA Jobcenter

You’ll need to log into the PRSA Jobcenter to access all the benefits available to you. You can log in with your MyPRSA account, which comes with your PRSSA membership. To retrieve your MyPRSA and Jobcenter login credentials:

  • Go to the PRSA Jobcenter site and click on the Job Seeker Login button.
  • Click the “Retrieve it” link and enter your email address, MyPRSA username or your member number. If necessary, you can obtain your member number by sending an email to the PRSA help desk.
  • Click the “Submit” button and follow the instructions in the email. If you have any problems accessing either MyPRSA or the PRSA Jobcenter, contact the PRSA help desk.

Career Resources Manual

Career Resources Manual

“At Utah Valley University we use the Internship Center as a recruiting tool for our PRSSA Chapter. We have had a great response, each semester gaining more than 40 new members for the main factor that they will gain access to the Internship Center with their membership...We’ve had several students complete internships with companies that posted on the Internship Center this past summer.”

— Farah Chase-Dunn
    Utah Valley University