Ethical Standards Advisories

Applying the PRSA Code of Ethics, the PRSA Board of Ethics and Professional Standards (BEPS) offers analysis on current practice issues and challenges through Ethical Standards Advisories (ESAs).

ESAs are considered direct extensions of the PRSA Code, and have the same force and effect as any provision within the PRSA Code. Designed to keep the PRSA Code timely through a formal process, ESAs provide practitioners specific guidance to deal with new situations and circumstances as they arise int he daily practice of public relations.

Email your ESA suggestions to the PRSA Board of Ethics and Professional Standards.

Available ESAs

“Ethics and Social Media” (September 2015)

“Disclosure and Transparency in Native Advertising and Sponsored Content” (September 2014)

“Deceptive Online Practices and Misrepresentation of Organizations and Visuals” (Rev. June 2012)

“Illegal Recordings” (March 2011)

“Ethical Use of Interns” (February 2011)

“Plagiarism” (September 2010)

“Looking the Other Way” (August 2010)

“Expropriation of the Intellectual Property of Others” (February 2010)

“Use of Video News Releases as a Public Relations Tool” (October 2009)

“Questionable Environmental Claims and Endorsements (Greenwashing)” (October 2009)

“Pay for Play” (October 2009)

“Engaging in the Use of Deceptive Practices While Representing Front Groups” (Rev. October 2008)

“Overstating Charges, Fees and/or Compensation” (rev. August 2007)

“Disclosure by Expert Commentators and Professional Spokespersons of Payments or Financial Interests” (April 2005)

“Telling the Truth, Especially in War Time” (January 2005)

“Reporting Unethical Behavior or Unprofessional Performance” (Nov. 2004)

“Disclosure of Employment Status of Client-Based PR Agency Staff” (May 2004)