PRSSA 2014 National Conference: Intersections: The Meeting Place of Communications and Culture.

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Named after President George Washington, Washington, D.C., was founded in 1791 by the U.S. Constitution to be the nation’s capital. Between 1776 and 1800, Congress met in several different locations, but in 1801, the ten square mile area of land that lay on both sides of the Potomac became the official meeting place of Congress. 

Pierre Charles L’Enfant designed the city’s layout similar to his birthplace of France, and Benjamin Banneker assisted by providing the astronomical calculations to be used for surveying and laying out of the city. About 100 years later, the McMillan Commission revised the city’s layout to include the National Mall and other well-known monuments seen in Washington today.         

Today, Washington, D.C., is a little over 60 square miles and is divided into four quadrants - Northwest, Southwest, Northeast and Southeast. It hosts a rich, diverse mix of neighborhoods offering unique foods, history, experiences and entertainment to both visitors and residents, and it is the epicenter of the nation’s political industry. The city is home to many federal government agencies, politicians, foreign embassies and powerbrokers, and it boasts a large number of public relations professionals who serve government, nonprofit, for-profit, public and private entities.                                                    

Although it is the nation’s capital, Washington D.C., is much more than government and politics, especially when it comes to public relations. From fashion PR to sports PR — D.C. has it all.

For these reasons, Washington, D.C., is the perfect place to host the PRSSA 2014 National Conference with the theme, “Intersections: The Meeting Place of Communications and Culture.” As this year's Conference hosts, American University and University of Maryland are excited to share how our city serves as a meeting place of communications and culture.

Join us in Washington D.C., for the largest congregation of public relations students in the country. Come prepared to network with professionals and PRSSA members from around the country and get ready to learn from a wide variety of sessions tailored to your career goals and professional interests.

Don’t miss this opportunity to ignite your public relations career — register by September 16, 2014.

Deadline to reserve your hotel room is now Sept. 24

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Photos Courtesy of Destination D.C. Image Gallery