Host a Regional Conference

Deadline: September 21, 2015

If you’re looking for event planning experience, ways to strengthen your Chapter and opportunities to network, host a PRSSA Regional Conference this spring. Hosting a Regional Conference requires full Chapter participation, and begins with submitting a bid.

Bidding to Host

Complete the optional Intent to Bid form (Word or PDF) before July 1 to stay in contact with the vice president of Regional Conferences.To be chosen to host a Regional Conference, you must submit a bid form (Word or PDF) by the deadline of Monday, September 21, 2015. Bids are reviewed by the vice president of Regional Conferences, the National President and PRSSA Headquarters. Hosting Chapters are notified in early October and recognized at the National Conference

Completing the bid form (Word or PDF) requires careful planning by the potential coordinators, with the guidance of their Chapter advisers and leaders. You need to be prepared to detail the following:

  • Logistics. Choose a date that does not conflict with holidays, spring break or PRSSA events. Pick a location that you can afford. Some of the most successful events have been located at the hosting Chapter’s school.
  • Theme. Every Regional Conference has a theme. Past themes have emphasized a specific sector of the industry, current events or professional development. Be creative and imaginative.
  • Professionals. Invite local public relations leaders to be speakers or guests. Career fairs, agency tours, competitions, panel discussions and networking opportunities are great ways to include professionals in your Regional Conference.
  • Schedule. Create an organized schedule to help you, the Regional Conference committee, your speakers and the attendees plan. Build in time to accommodate unexpected challenges.
  • Budget. Draft a well thought-out budget. Reach out to your school, local professionals and businesses to sponsor. You may also fundraise.
  • Promotions. As an official PRSSA Regional Conference, PRSSA will help you promote your event, but you should also plan additional promotions. Utilize social media and brand your Regional Conference on Twitter; create highlight videos and spread the word across your campus.
  • PRSSA National. Take advantage of everything that PRSSA National offers. Study the Regional Conference Handbook (PDF), contact the vice president of Regional Conferences, check out bid form examples from Boston University (PDF) and Utah Valley University (PDF), and review the list of past Regional Conferences.

PRSSA 2017 Regional Conferences

Passport to PR
Penn State University
Feb. 3–4

PRAdvanced: What’s Your Story
Boston University
Feb. 24–25

Find Your Passion SOONER
University of Oklahoma
Feb. 24–26

The Modern Public Relations Professional
UNC-Chapel Hill and North Carolina A&T
Feb 24–25

PR Elevated: Aspiring to New Heights
Utah Valley University
March 2–4

DePaul University
March 3–4

Public Relations in Sports and Entertainment
Loyola University, New Orleans
March 11–12

Generation Grand: Experience PR in GR
Grand Valley State University and Ferris State University
April 7–9

University of Nevada, Reno
April 7–9

Dive Into the Ocean of PR
San Diego State University
April 8–10

Regional Conference Handbook (PDF)

Regional Conference Flyer