Google Groups

The PRSSA Google Groups are a way for PRSSA Chapter presidents, PRSSA firm directors, and PRSSA Faculty and Professional Advisers to share ideas, brainstorm solutions and tackle challenges as a community of peers.

Join the Google Group

To join one of PRSSA’s Google Groups, visit the appropriate Google Group page:

Click the blue box at the top that says ‘join group to post.’ A box will pop up that allows you to adjust your profile settings and confirms your intent to join the Group. You are now a member of the Google Group and will receive emails as per the frequency settings you chose.

Note: you must have a Google account to join a Google Group. If you do not already have an account, creating a Google account is easy and free.

Send a Message

To send a message to everyone who subscribed to the Google Group, send an email to the appropriate address:

If you respond to a message from the Google Group, by clicking “reply” to the Google Group email address, your message will be sent to the entire group. If you want to respond to just the individual who sent the email, replace the Google Group email address with the individual’s email address.


To ensure all feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and challenges using the Google Groups, users must adhere the following guidelines:

  • Do not send derogatory or accusatory messages, especially pertaining to gender, religion, race or geographic origin.
  • Limit postings to items that will be useful to the majority of the list members.
  • Conduct personal discussions through personal email.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the Google Group, contact the Manager of Student Programs.