PRSSA National Headquarters periodically publishes podcasts for our members. These podcasts cover a variety of topics, including internships, career advice, industry news, current events and much more. See below for podcasts available.

PR With the Pros

This PRSSA’s national podcast series takes students into the minds of public relation professionals to discuss the field, receive career advice and learn more about the Society. Hosted by PRSSA student leaders, PR With the Pros started in 2017. Since then, the podcast releases one episode per month, each focussing on a different theme.

Steve Radick

  • During this podcast, Radick, vice president of public relations and content integration at Brunner, discusses his experience in crafting the most buzzed about 2017 Super Bowl commercial, agency life and why every public relations student/professional should join PRSSA/PRSA.

Heather Whaling

  • During this podcast, Whaling, CEO and founder of Geben Communication, shares insights on gender gaps, social media and doing good.

Michael DiSalvo

  • During this podcast, DiSalvo, vice president of health care at Ogilvy Public Relations, discusses what sets Ogilvy apart from other media companies, the unique challenges of public relations in the health care sector and how his involvement in PRSSA/PRSA influenced the course of his impressive career.

Marlene Neill, Ph.D., APR

  • During this podcast, Neill, assistant professor at Baylor University, touches on topics such as Accreditation in Public Relations, ethics and PRSA/PRSSA.

Jane Dvorak, APR, Fellow PRSA

  • During this podcast, Dvorak, PRSA 2018 immediate past chair, talks about her involvement in PRSA and PRSSA, what inspired her to join the industry, why mentoring students is so important to her and the joys of life.

Pat Ford

  • During this podcast, Ford, professional in residence at the University of Florida, discusses agency life, mentorship and why he is passionate about PRSSA and education.

Elise Mitchell

  • During this podcast, Mitchell, an accomplished strategic communications professional, talks about having a good work-life balance, the need for public relations professionals to be open to collaboration and more.

PRSSA Hidden Gems

This PRSSA national podcast series highlights the multitude of exclusive member benefits of the Society. Hosted by the National Committee, PRSSA Hidden Gems started in 2017.

Internship Center
During this podcast, 2017-2018 Vice President of Career Services, Demi Wolfe, discusses the numerous benefits and opportunities students can utilize through the PRSSA Internship Center.


If you have any questions about the podcast or are a professional who would like to be featured, please contact the Publications Editor in Chief at publicationseic@prsa.org.