The 2019 Regional Conferences were as follows:

  • It Is Your Crisis Conference
    Georgia Southern University
    February 1–2, 2019
    Statesboro, Georgia
    Regional Conference Coordinator: Shelby Trevathan
    This conference focuses on crisis communication and the future of public relations. We will need to equip students with skills to effectively control and mitigate conflict that may arise for clients or brands. Speaker topics will include handling clients throughout a crisis, messaging, social media, media contact during crises, and stakeholder communications.
  • PReboot
    Pennsylvania State University
    February 8–9, 2019
    State College, Pennsylvania
    Regional Conference Coordinator: Elissa Hill
    As the technology industry expands to encompass nearly every minute of our day-to-day lives, understanding how public relations fits in is vital to the future of our profession. PReboot how you think about your career by exploring the emerging technologies you’ll employ as a future professional. From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, learn what it’s like to work in the technology sector and the skills you’ll need to prepare.
  • PR Advanced: Find Your Voice
    Boston University
    February 22–23, 2019
    Boston, Massachusetts
    Regional Conference Coordinator: Wenyi Jiang
    Knowing when brands and individuals should – and should not – stand out in the current social, political and economic situation is essential to today’s public relations. This conference will show you how, with the right voice delivered via the right medium, at the right time, organizations can craft the right messages for its audiences effectively, stay true to its brand essence and meet its objectives with a profound impact.
  • PRedict the Future
    DePaul University, Loyola University Chicago and Columbia College Chicago
    March 1–2, 2019
    Chicago, Illinois
    Regional Conference Coordinators: Andrew WillettKendall Herbert and Kallie Kouvelis
    PRedict the Future will be an awe-inspiring weekend for the brightest students in PRSSA who are driven to be leaders of the PR industry. Students will take their talents to the heart of Chicago- home of Columbia College of Chicago, DePaul University, and Loyola University Chicago. These three schools are coming together for a feat that is the first of its kind: a Regional Conference dedicating to the three most timely pillars of the PR industry. Diversity. Ethics. Globalization.
  • Forge Your Future
    Point Park University
    March 22, 2019
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    Regional Conference Coordinator: Morgan McCoy
    The intersection of business, marketing and communications is now. With the ever-changing media landscape and the challenges it presents to the commerce leaders of tomorrow, a strong foundation is necessary for success. Forge Your Future, a student conference presented by Point Park University PRSSA/AdFed, seeks to answer questions students have about emerging trends, best practices and how to become valuable members of tomorrow’s workforce. Get the PointPR newsletter at
  • Being A Full Service PRo
    Temple University
    March 22–23, 2019
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Regional Conference Coordinator: Brianna Greco
    The public relations industry is evolving rapidly. The lines between public relations, advertising, and marketing are dissolving to create a more diverse work environment. This conference will explore the ever-changing landscape of full service agencies and in-house PR departments. Professionals from the field will share how they are adapting and integrating new tactics to provide clients with a full service experience.
  • Wired and Wonderful: The Reach of Digital Storytelling
    West Virginia University
    March 28–31, 2019
    Morgantown, West Virginia
    Regional Conference Coordinator: Emily Zekonis
    Wired and Wonderful: The Reach of Digital Storytelling celebrates the importance of utilizing IMC to create a brand narrative. West Virginia is known for being ‘Wild and Wonderful,’ and pushes professionals to work beyond typical media to bring messages across the nation. Attendees will learn digital storytelling methods from current successful digital programs, network and gain advice from digital leaders, advance their career at the “post-grad” fair and gain experience with emerging digital technology.
  • PR is a Breeze in the City of Trees
    California State University at Sacramento
    March 29–31, 2019
    Sacramento, California
    Regional Conference Coordinators: Jennie-Marie Britton and Jacqueline Barraza
    The root of the tree represents the relationships, connections and mentors that students meet along the way, which leads to a strong and healthy career within the field — the trunk. The branches represent each opportunity that is given to us, while the leaves are our contributions and skills that professionals give back to the community. The leaves fall and are integrated back into the soil, which in turn helps other trees to grow.
  • Through the Eyes of PR
    University of Texas at Austin
    March 29–31, 2019
    Austin, Texas
    Regional Conference Coordinators: Shannon Switzer and Allison Koontz
    Through the Eyes of PR will focus on assisting students in all fields master their personal brand identity, diversify their assets, and pinpoint the focus of their craft. This conference will prioritize the need for a dynamic and holistic viewpoint in this industry and allow participants to visualize their role within it. This conference will provide a lens to fully view and absorb the diverse, critical components of success in a public relations world.