Dues Info

PRSSA Headquarters must receive dues by March 1 or Nov. 1. Contact PRSSA Headquarters if circumstances prevent you from meeting these deadlines. Even if dues are late, the memberships are considered as starting either March 1 or Nov. 1, and will expire the following year on the last day of February or October.

Submitting Dues

Chapter Administration Portal: https://imis-prssa.prsa.org/ChapterAdmin

The dues process is now fully online and individual students can now manage paying their own membership. However, if your Chapter has elected to submit national dues on behalf of your entire Chapter, please have your Chapter president, Faculty Adviser or treasurer login using this link and reference the Dues Instructions PDF for further instructions. If this is the option that your Chapter would like to use, please contact Michael Molaro at Michael.Molaro@prsa.org or call our membership line at (212) 460-1400 for further instructions. For further information about the two options, please refer to the information below.

Option 1
PRSSA Headquarters will collect both Chapter (if applicable) and National dues for each member of your Chapter by directing your members to pay, register and renew individually online.

Option 2
Your Chapter will retain control of the dues process and will be required to collect dues for each member, collect information for all new/renewing members and input all member information into the new portal online. We will no longer be accepting Chapter rosters and excels as attachments or via mail to register students. If this is the option that your Chapter would like to use, please contact Ben Castleman at ben.castleman@prsa.org or at (212) 460-1474 for further instructions.

In either scenario, Faculty Advisers, Chapter presidents and one other executive board member will have access to membership reports on an ongoing basis. You will no longer need to request a membership roster or report from Headquarters.

Note: If you are graduating the same semester that you are joining, please contact us on becoming a PRSA Associate Member.