Handbooks and Guides

To help you with the many responsibilities you have as a Chapter leader, PRSSA provides the handbooks and guides below.

Chapter Handbook

The Chapter Handbook describes the programs and tools you will need to serve your members and have a successful term. Learn about PRSSA’s Chapter standards, benefits, vision, and National events and initiatives. Get tips to help you recruit and plan meetings and events.

Student-run Firm Handbook

The Student-run Firm Handbook offers useful information to help you start, run or improve your Student-run Firm. It includes templates, case studies and suggestions for structure, finances and evaluation. Use the handbook to prepare to apply for National Affiliation and earn a Student-run Firm award.

District Conference Handbook

The District Conference Handbook gives you a step-by-step guide to hosting a District Conference that is successful and unique. Based on the experience of past hosts, the handbook includes information about submitting a bid, planning, implementing your event and evaluating your success.

PRSSA/PRSA Relationship Manual

The PRSSA/PRSA Relationship Manual outlines numerous ways for you to build and maintain a strong relationship with your PRSA sponsor Chapter. This guide of ideas and best practices can help you decide how to apply your resources and to strengthen your PRSSA/PRSA Chapter ties as a foundation for ongoing and successful interaction.

Branding and Media Strategy Guide

The Branding and Media Strategy Guide provides instructions on using the PRSSA logo and tag line as well as media strategies. Also included are templates you can replicate for your Chapter.

Style Guide

The Style Guide offers writing standards for all PRSSA-related copy. Learn PRSSA and PRSA terminology, internet style and tips for formatting and punctuation.

Membership Involves You Brochure

Use this full-color, engaging brochure to attract new and inform current members of PRSSA benefits.

PR 101

PR 101 introduces you to the public relations profession. This is a great tool to use at recruitment meetings or outreach sessions.

National Bylaws

As the guiding standards for all PRSSA Chapters, the National Bylaws explains the Chapter requirements, national structure and governance.

Situation Analysis

Published by the National Committee, the Situation Analysis describes the history and current status of National initiatives. As a Chapter leader, you should use it as a template for maintaining your own individual records.

Annual Reports

The PRSSA Annual Report explains the accomplishments of the past academic year and the future of the Society.

Review the highlights of last year’s national and regional events, the recipients of national scholarships and awards, National Committee initiatives and more in the latest PRSSA Annual Report.