Frequently Asked Questions

Assembly Program

Q: What events are representatives required to attend?
A: Representatives must attend all required sessions of the Leadership Assembly — roll call will be taken. Representatives who do not attend all required sessions may be charged for his/her otherwise complimentary registration and lodging costs. These required sessions are: Friday’s National Assembly meeting; Sunday’s Farewell Meeting and Keynote Speaker. If you are a representative and must miss any part of these events, notify Ben Castleman as soon as possible.

Q: What events are general members required to attend?
A: General members running for National Committee should attend the Delegate and Candidate Debriefing on Friday. Otherwise, general members are not required to attend any part of the Assembly; however, it is recommended they attend as much of the event as possible.

Q: What is the Day-of Competition? Who can participate in this event?
A: The Day-of Competition provides you the opportunity to practice your public relations skills in a fun, competitive environment as you prepare a campaign plan for a client and sponsor. Any Assembly registrant wishing to participate must register for this event separately from Assembly. Registration is limited to the first 55 to complete this pre-registration. Learn more about this event.

Q: Who is required to attend the Meeting of Current and Incoming National Committees on Sunday?
A:  Only the elected members of the 2019–2020 and 2020–2021 National Committee attend this meeting. The last Assembly event for all other attendees is the Farewell Meeting and Keynote Speaker ending at 11 a.m. Please create your travel arrangements to accommodate this schedule.

Hotel Reservations

Q: May a representative share a hotel room with a non-representative?
A: No. Representatives may only room with other representatives. Non-representatives may only room with other non-representatives. You must room with members of the same gender.

Q: How much is the room rate at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Scottsdale Resort?
A: For representatives: the cost is free but does not cover the cost of incidentals you charge (room service, movie rentals, etc.). For non-representatives: the room rate is $179 per room (single, double or triple occupancy) or $194 per room (quadruple occupancy) per night (not including taxes). This cost is split between the number of guests in your room.

Q: How does PRSSA HQ determine the room assignments?
A: Room assignments are determined at random. If you wish to request a roommate/roommates, contact Jessica Espinal by March 11.

Q: How should attendees make their hotel reservations?
A: PRSSA HQ will automatically make a room reservation for you at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Scottsdale Resort. If you have a room request or have made your own hotel accommodations at another location, contact Jessica Espinal by March 11.

Running for National Committee

Q: What events are National Committee candidates required to attend?
A: National Committee candidates are required to attend a special session during the Chapter Officer Sessions on Friday and the full duration of your position’s election during the National Assembly meeting on Saturday. Unless you are also a delegate, you are not required to be present during the elections of National Committee positions for which you are not running.

If you are elected to the National Committee, you must attend the Meeting of Current and Incoming National Committees on Sunday. This meeting may be the only opportunity you will have to speak in-person with the current National Committee member. All National Committee candidates should create their travel arrangements to accommodate this schedule, should they be elected.