Frequently Asked Questions

Assembly Program

Q: Where is the 2021 Assembly being held?
The event will be held virtually.

When is the Assembly?
Elections will be held Friday, April 9. The Assembly program will be held Thursday, April 15–Friday, April 16.

Who is eligible to attend the Assembly meeting?

  • Your Chapter’s official Assembly delegate (we suggest having your current president serve as the delegate).
  • Incoming Chapter Presidents or Leaders
  • Nationally Affiliated Student-run Firm Directors
  • Candidates for National Committee
  • Members interested in attending the Assembly and the leadership training sessions
  • PRSSA Affiliates

Who are categorized as representatives?

  • Incoming Chapter Presidents
  • Nationally Affiliated Student-run Firm Directors
  • Delegates

Is there a registration fee for representatives?
No. PRSSA will cover one delegate and one incoming president or incoming Chapter executive board leader (if the incoming President cannot attend). Chapters that have a PRSSA Nationally Affiliated Firm can also have their firm director register as a representative.

Is there a registration fee for members attending the Assembly who are not representatives?
Yes. There is a $20 registration fee for all general members.

What are our representative’s responsibilities?

  • Chapter Delegates must read and view all candidate nomination information prior to the official Assembly on Friday, April 9. Chapter Delegates are also required to attend/participate in all Assembly elections as well as the rehearsal scheduled for April 7. They are also required to attend the program on April 15 and 16.
  • Incoming presidents (or Incoming Chapter leaders) and Nationally Affiliated Firm Directors must attend all events on April 15 and 16 (unless listed as optional.) These representatives are also welcomed to join for the Assembly elections on April 9, however, this is not mandatory.

When do the 2021–2022 National Committee officers begin their term?
June 1, 2021.