FORUM Newspaper

*As of May 2019, FORUM has been discontinued. If you are interested in writing for PRSSA, please refer to Progressions. All FORUM issues have been archived and can be accessed below. 

FORUM, PRSSA’s national newspaper, is an opportunity for you to read about the latest industry news and trends, get advice from professionals and learn about the Society, as well as gain valuable writing experience and improve your resume by being published nationally.

FORUM is produced three times each year and distributed to all PRSSA members. Its goal is to serve as an informational resource for public relations students by providing them with knowledge of industry news and trends, Chapter and national initiatives, events, advice and more.

In 2012, FORUM shifted to an online-only newspaper. The shift to this format allows for a number of improvements including easier access, incorporation of multimedia content and increased engagement of readers.

All dues-paying PRSSA and affiliate members are invited to write articles for FORUM. If you have any questions about the publication or for more information on submitting articles, review the submission guidelines and contact the Publications Editor in Chief at PRSSA reserves the right to reject any article.

FORUM Issues