Prove Your Skill

PRSSA offers several competitions each year, all of which provide you the opportunity to work with real clients, apply problem-solving skills, achieve recognition among your peers and future employers and compete with other students at the national level. Check back often for updates on the newest opportunities.


Current/Upcoming Competitions

PRSSA Ethics Competition
This competition was created in order to get students engaged and learning about ethics in a fun, competitive manner. In order to compete in this competition, you must address the following about the case below.

  • Byline
  • Analysis of the situation
  • Why this is an ethical issue
  • Include what part(s) of the code of ethics is(are) being violated
  • How it should be solved
  • Graphic

Your submission should be written as a newspaper article and should be no more than 500 words. All submissions should be emailed to by Dec. 3, 2020. Good luck to all!

The Case:
As a university student and PRSSA member, you are interning at a PR agency with a young boss and co-workers/interns your age. Your boss reassures you and your co-workers that it is safe to come back to work, even with the pandemic still growing in numbers all over the country and world. Because you are young, safe, and have no preexisting conditions, you feel a little more comfortable coming back to work. One of your co-workers who feels nonchalant about the pandemic is very comfortable with the idea of returning to the workplace. Another co-worker does not feel comfortable; she is Black and has severe asthma. She stated in a group chat that she is considering quitting the internship because she would rather be safe and work virtually. However, you know she worked hard to land the internship, on top of another part-time job — it would be sad to see her go because she wouldn’t feel safe. Your co-worker who feels confident about coming back texts you separately, saying, “Good riddance. Now I don’t have to wear a mask at work!” You are caught off guard by that text, and you understand that COVID-19 impacts diverse groups of people more heavily. What do you do in this situation?

Past Competitions

National Organ Donor Awareness Competition For more than 20 years, the Anthony J. Fulginiti PRSSA Chapter at Rowan University encourages PRSSA Chapters across the nation to participate in its annual National Organ Day Awareness Competition (NODAC). The competition invites each PRSSA Chapter to spread knowledge about organ donation across campuses nationwide while allowing PRSSA members to enhance their public relations skills.

Need a reference point? Learn about past competitions and review the winning campaigns.

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