Sponsor the Bateman Competition

Each year, more than 75 student teams at colleges and universities nationwide compete in the Bateman Case Study Competition. With guidance from advisers, each team researches, plans and executes a public relations campaign in its community for the client, which receives rights to the campaign ideas presented.


As the Bateman Competition client and sponsor, you provide an outstanding educational experience for students — but good will certainly isn’t the only benefit of the sponsorship.

  • Local Touch; National Reach. As the competition sponsor, your cause is advocated in more than 75 locations nationwide through campaigns tailored to fit each community’s unique demographics and values. You also receive the research findings that support these campaigns.
  • Social Media Immersion. Students, immersed in new technology, are able to confidently apply social media strategies to support your cause at a time when many organizations still employ social media out of uncomfortable necessity.
  • Creativity of Youth. The effective creativity of the student campaigns have been a highlight of the competition every year. As a sponsor, you receive a copy of every entry and rights to use in part or entirety all ideas submitted.
  • Insight of Experience. Each student team has at least one professional and one faculty adviser, who help ground each campaign in the principles of strategic public relations.
  • Nationwide Media Coverage. As the Bateman competition sponsor, you have 75 public relations teams pitching targeted stories about your cause to their local media.

Become a Sponsor

The first step to sponsoring the Bateman Case Study Competition is to contact PRSSA Executive Director Jeneen Garcia at (212) 460-1466 to discuss the program.

Sponsors are then asked to complete the sponsor RFP form (Word or PDF), which is reviewed for approval by PRSSA Headquarters.


Photo of Gwyn Walcoff, RN, APR

“For communication educators, students and donors, the PRSSA Bateman Competition offers real-world opportunities to implement a PRSA level program. It’s the best place for investment in your future and your mission. I’ve had the honor to conduct two ‘Batemans’ and can heartily say, invest NOW.”

Gwyn Walcoff, RN, APR
Founder, CCG, LLC Public Relations

Previous Sponsors and Clients

See the excellent work teams have done in the past.

  • 2017 Client: Campaign to Change Direction
  • 2016 Client: Student Veterans of America
    Sponsors: The Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations and Edelman
  • 2015 Client: Home Matters
    Sponsors: The Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations and Edelman
  • 2014 Client/Sponsor: Fiserv
  • 2013 Client: Raising Awareness of the Consequences of Youth Bullying
  • 2012 Client: United Way Worldwide
    Sponsor: General Mills
  • 2011 Client/Sponsor: Ally Financial
  • 2010 Client/Sponsor: The U.S. Census Bureau
  • 2009 Client: College Bound Aid’s public awareness program, “Hit the Books Running”
    Sponsor: Consumer Bankers Association
  • 2008 Client: “Safe Kids Buckle Up”
    Sponsor: General Motors
  • 2007 Client: “Family Caregiving … it’s not all up to you! (FC101),” a national public education program
    Sponsor: Eisai Inc.
  • 2006 Client: Habitat for Humanity International
    Sponsor: DIY Network
  • 2004 Client/Sponsor: Ford Motor Credit Company
  • 2003 Client/Sponsor: Ferrero U.S.A., INC. (Nutella)
  • 2002 Client/Sponsor: Contiki Holidays
  • 2001 Client/Sponsor: VISA